We hand-make artisanal chocolates in our boutique chocolaterie in London, creating luxury chocolate gifts, truffles and beautiful bonbons.

XO is the coming together of chefs and chocolatiers with industry experience exceeding 10 years. We opened in spring 2020 - at the outbreak of a global pandemic. In true chef spirit, defined by resilience and adaptability, XO pushed on and we continue to create our luxury chocolates in pursuit of excellence, as ever.

XO products undergo rigorous development and testing, during which time every single ingredient is carefully considered. It is our attention to detail that produces chocolates unmatched in quality.

We strive to continually push the boundaries of quality and artistry within the chocolate industry by using fine and rare ingredients in our bonbons, pushing the senses to new heights.

XO Chocolate

Our purpose is represented in our very name: ‘X’ denotes the threat of extinction to flora and  fauna within cocoa-producing regions across the world; ‘O’ is a symbol of the infinite cycle  between cocoa production and local conversation that we are not only dedicated to fulfilling, but  also believe should be standard practice across all industries.

Colloquially, ‘XO’ also symbolises  a kiss and a hug, gestures of love and affection that a box of our chocolate bonbons personifies.